High Resolution Digital

$35.00 to $75.00 (price varies depending on project, 2 or 3 dimensional work, size of artwork and pieces under glass).

$75.00 to $150.00 for 6 shot 1.12 gigabyte multi-shot file of artwork (price varies on project and work photographed).

Projects should be discussed in advance for pricing, day rates are available depending on project size. Payment methods accepted: checks, wire transfer (fees may apply), all major credit cards, checks, Venmo, Paypal.

Post production color correction/cropping. High resolution TIFF file for full reproduction detail. Low resolution JPEG for multi purpose use for website, inventory, or email files delivered by wetransfer.com or Dropbox.com and can also be provided on disk.

High Resolution Camera: Nikon D850 45.7 Megapixel Camera with exquisite low light capabilities and HD video capability. Generally used for all purpose photography: paintings, sculptures, installations.

Hasselblad H4D 200ms The camera has the ability to take a six shot file producing very large 200 mb files producing up to 1.12 gigabytes for large reproduction use, the largest file currently on the market of any medium format digital camera available. Ideal for large files needed for artists prints made from artwork that can approximate same size file as artwork and used for giclee printing or other types of printing for limited edition artist prints. Other usages are for large reproductions such as banners and posters and reproductions needing very large file size.

Hasselblad H5D 50c Large format 50 mp camera with CMOS sensor, ideal for shooting files in low light environments as well as all purpose camera for all types of usages.

On Site Color Correction

I offer on site color correction to guarantee precise color correction during the shoot, right in the gallery. I also offer another tier of service, using a hi-res Eizo color calibrated monitor. This provides color correction directly in front of painting/sculpture, especially useful for projects that are for book or catalog reproduction.


Color prints can be provided for digital files. Prices vary depending on size and project.



Flat bed scanning using Epson scanner, hi-res fine art and film scanning available-prices vary depending on project.


HD Video available-prices vary depending on project.

Film (4X5 and 8X10 transparencies available by request)

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