Video Services and Search Engine Optimization 

Video Services

Video is a great way to showcase art.

Video is becoming an increasingly important way for galleries, artists, museums and publications to give an in-depth view of an art piece or collection. 

A brief video of a sculpture, painting, photograph, print, performance art/video/film can be a very effective showcasing tool.

More importantly, video helps give the client or potential buyer a better understanding of what the work is about.

Video services include:

--Instillation view in gallery setting
--Individual focus or detailed view (with or without sound)
--Brief narrative explanation of unique qualities of the work


Search Engine Optimization

We help galleries, museums and artists get visible online.

Search engine optimization and online brand building drives traffic to your site, moves you to the top of Google search results—above your competitors–and gets clients.

Most importantly, search engine optimization and brand building gets you visible, and gets you clients. Services include:

--Search engine optimization (SEO)
--Social media
--Key word search phrases
--Content creation<

Learn how to share your art online using search engine optimization.


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