Rate Sheet/2013

High Resolution Digital

$35.00 to $75.00 (price varies depending on project, 2 or 3 dimensional work or pieces under glass).

$75.00 to $150.00 for 6 shot 1.12 gigabyte multishot file of artwork (price varies on project and work photographed).

Post production color correction/cropping. High resolution TIF file for full reproduction detail. Low resolution JPEG for multi purpose use for website, inventory, or email Files delivered by wetransfer.com or yousendit.com and can also be provided on disk.

High Resolution Camera: Nikon D800e 36.6 Megapixel Camera with exquisite low light capabilities and HD video capability. Generally used for all purpose photography: paintings, sculptures, installations. I offer advanced architectural tilt shift lens for non-distortion installation views. Versatile multipurpose camera which produces files up to 103 megabytes in size.

Precise Color Fidelity

$35.00 to $75.00 for single shot and 50mp 4 multishot file of artwork (price varies on project and work photographed).

$75.00 to $150.00 for 6 shot 1.12 gigabyte multishot file of artwork (price varies on project and work photographed).

Same options as above, but taken with Hasselblad H4D 200MS, the best camera available for reproducing art.

Captures are 50mp, producing files up to 112 megabytes.
Four shot function producing higher resolution HDR 50mp files than a standard single shot camera, for fidelity of detail and color.

The camera has the ability to take a six shot file producing very large 200 mb files up to 1.12 gigabytes for large reproduction use, the largest file currently on the market of any medium format digital camera available.

Additional detailed information can be found at Hasselblad.

On Site Color Correction

I offer on site color correction to guarantee supreme color correction during the shoot, right in the gallery. I also offer another tier of service, using a hi-res Eizo monitor. This provides color correction directly in front of painting/sculpture, especially useful for projects that are for book or catalog reproduction.


HD Video available-prices vary depending on project.

4X5 Transparencies

2d: $65.00, $17.50 each additional
3d: $75.00, $18.50 each additional (Polaroid charges may apply)

8X10 Transparencies

2d:  $175.00 pair, $50.00 each additional
3d:  $195.00 pair, $65.00 each additional

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These rates may be subject to change.  Pease inquire for details.  Discounts and day rates are available for larger, more extensive projects. Minimum location fee of 250.00 plus parking is required. Travel fees for longer distance jobs.

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